Dear parent/guardian, we have been informed that measures have been put in place to restrict the spread of Coronavirus. The impact of these measures on schools across Ireland includes closing all schools from 6pm this evening until Sunday March 29th.

We ask that:

1. All students have a school email address.

2. Communication with teachers will be via email and in some cases edmodo while the school is closed.

3. Ensure that students are familiar with their teachers’ work plans.

4. With regard to exam students please be reassured that while we are closed, this closure has happened at a time when most of your courses are almost complete and revision is the next phase. Use the time wisely. With regard to practicals and orals we await advice and will keep you updated via the school app.

Please be mindful of others at this time, in particular the vulnerable people. Continue to wash your hands properly, reduce as much as possible attending large gatherings and remain calm.

At this testing time for all of us, we ask God and His Holy Mother to bless us all and keep us safe.

Yours sincerely,

Mary O’Donovan & Carolyn O’Flaherty

By clicking on the pdf, you will see the statement as issued by the Department of Education & Skills