Competition is open to T.Y. & 5th year students.

Poetry Competition topic “Lockdown ”
Short story under the heading “Stranger Times, Indeed!”
Put your pens to paper, get creative!
Send your entries into before 8th April.
(Please type T.Y. Competiton in the email Subject Heading)

There will be Easter Eggs for the winning poems.
Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

Successful author Catherine Ryan Howard ( visited our school last year and was due to speak to 5th years sometime this year. She kindly offered some words of advice around how she stays focused.
Hi Suezi,
Just a few tips for the students trying to study at home.
I work from home all the time and so have lots of experience of struggling to stay focused! If I’m really struggling, I put my phone in another room and turn off the wifi on my computer. Then I tell myself that I’m only going to work for a short period of time. Depending on how much you’re struggling, this might be as little as 25 minutes but it shouldn’t be more than 90. Set an alarm or a kitchen timer if you can. Finally, the easiest way to get focused is to be excited about what you’re trying to focus on. Oftentimes the work itself – especially if we’re studying or in my case editing the same page for the tenth time – is not very exciting, so in that case I’d focus on how good it’ll feel to have it done, or what having it done might lead to (if I finish a short story, for example, now I have something I can enter into competitions, and if I win one of them… etc. etc.). Hope this helps!