We are so proud of our past pupil, Orla Cronin, who is part of the “Warriors For Humanity” group of players, who travelled to Kenya, as part of the Plant the Planet Games. Organised by Alan Kerins, in partnership with Self Help Africa, Brighter Communities Worldwide and the Gaelic Players Association, this project aims to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our time – climate change.

To date, the group has raised almost half a million euro, that goes directly to Self Help Africa’s, tree planting projects. During her time in Kenya, Orla, along with the rest of rhe group visited primary and secondary schools to plant trees, local institutions involved in Agri/farming and villages with new water restoration projects. Some areas they visited have had devastating drought and no rain in almost 18 months so their livelihood has been severely impacted.

Orla, now returned home is continuing with her fundraising efforts. Please check out her page for the direct link to her fundraising page. Our entire school community is so proud of her efforts and commitment to such a worthy cause.