As we come to this February mid-term break we reflect on the half term passed. There is no doubt that it has been challenging. The combination of Winter weather, short days, Covid Lockdown and separation from friends and from school has been difficult for everyone. While a great start has been made there is no doubt that maintaining momentum can bring its own challenges. Sometimes it can feel hard to be positive.
However, there is much to be positive about!
Congratulations and well done to all our students, for the fantastic efforts you have made to engage with your teachers and your school work this half term.
A special well done to all our Leaving Cert and Junior Cert exam students who have stayed focused in the face of such frustrating uncertainty. We see your efforts and we applaud them.
Congratulations also to teachers for embracing the new technology and going the extra miles to support your students. A big thank you to parents for all your help and support.
After mid term we should have clarity in relation to the State Exams. Nationally the vaccine programme is rolling out.
The midterm break will give the whole school community the opportunity to re charge their batteries ready to face the challenges of the next half term. Whatever they may be, we will face them together.
In the meantime, we will enjoy the time away from screens, the fresh air, relaxing with family and the “Grand stretch in the evenings” and by the time we return after the break, hopefully…
Spring will have Sprung!
Stay safe and may God bless you all