Keady Clifford Excellence in Children’s Nursing Award – was established in memory of Keady Clifford from Dingle, Co. Kerry. Keady undertook the Children’s and General Nursing Programme in UCC and following graduation worked on the children’s ward in CUH and continued her studies undertaking a Masters in Nursing in UCC. Tragically Keady died in a car accident in 2018.  She was exemplary practitioner and dedicated her working life to sick children and their families. This award seeks to honor Keady’s memory and to recognize an exemplary student in the context of children’s nursing. The Keady Clifford Excellence in Children’s Nursing Award 2020 is presented to Casey O’Sullivan a fifth year BSc Integrated Children’s and General Nursing student at Cork University Hospital. Casey hails from Innishannon, Co Cork. Casey has courage and most importantly the courage to care. She advocates for patients, even in times of change, adversity and complexity. She can effectively and democratically share opinions because of her genuine caring and compassionate outlook. Casey is a great motivator and never fails to step up to challenges when required.  well done Casey, we are very proud of your achievements.