Thank you to all who entered, the stories made for wonderful reading so Congratulations to you all. The winners were: Kara McCarthy O’Regan, Katelyn Bennett and Ciara Shea with runners up Lily Murphy,
Ava Madden, Emma O’Sullivan and Aoibhinn McCoy, all received a prize for their entries..
We are delighted to see an increase in student traffic in the library especially our 1st and 2nd years students who are requesting popular new titles which we have added to the library collection There is also a Reading Challenge which is now extended into the New Year, a list of items to read including Books from our Classic Section to a wide selection of Fiction, Biographies and Auto Biographies, Magazines and Newspaper Articles are recorded for each student when read. Special mention to Emma O’Sullivan who is the front runner at the moment in this challenge followed by Ellen O’Mullane and Ciara Shea.
“Have a wonderful Christmas and make time for reading”